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Whether it's a WiFi Thermostat, a Food Dehydrator, or even an Indoor Grill, we test and publish tons of products and go through the hassle of finding out which one should be best for you based on your needs.​

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The Story Behind Best Home Nerd

Best Home Nerd was born out of the need for in-depth product reviews and comparisons. I, along with a bunch of interested people, started on a journey of reviewing popular consumer products found in households.

Currently, we are a team comprising of five dedicated people, including me. Running a website of this magnitude isn't an easy task for a small team like ours. Still, the passion and the motivation are the key elements that hold us together and make us strive for even better things ahead.

Shane Miller
Founder, Best Home Nerd

“I was looking for a smart learning thermostat for my home, and I stumbled upon Best Home Nerd's compilation of the top models. It was so convenient to check out all of their pros & cons based on their testing at one place before making the choice.

Jane Smith
Jane Smith

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