The Top 10 Best Indoor Grill Reviews

Maybe you’ve already spent many hours searching for the best indoor grill and still haven’t come a decision what to buy. It can be difficult especially if you’re a first time buyer as there are so many brands and manufacturers, to say nothing of the specific features you need to look for. If you’ve been having a difficult deciding, then you’re on the right site as we have reviewed the top ten indoor grills.

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Why Use an Indoor Grill?

Outdoor grilling is fun, but what if you can’t go outside because of the weather or there’s no space for an outdoor grill? ‘That’s where an indoor grill comes into play as they provide you with the means to enjoy grilled food without stepping outside your home.

Some of these grills come with a lid while others are open style while others let you grill on both sides. In addition, an electric indoor grill is not as expensive as an outdoor natural gas grill. You can grill all the food you want at less the cost of gas grill and minus the maintenance and upkeep required for outdoor grills as well.

Indoor grills also don’t produce fumes like propane grills: all an indoor grill does is heat up the food and in just a few minutes it’s ready. Third, indoor grills are simply more convenient. They’re compact and won’t take up a lot of space and you can take them with you. Electric indoor grills are also easier to clean as a lot of parts are dishwasher safe.

The Top 10 Best Indoor Grills

Here they are, our top picks for the top indoor grills.

Phillips Daily Collection HRT7629/90 650 watt Mini Food Processor

One of the best indoor grill for the money, the Downtown Grill is notable for its proprietary ThermoCeramix technology that ensures the grill is heated evenly.

Many grill aficionados will argue that most electric grills cannot produce the same flavor and texture that gas and charcoal grills do, but with the Downtown Hibachi it’s now possible, and its maximum temperature of 700 F is comparable to more costly grills.

Phillips Daily Collection HRT7629/90 650 watt Mini Food Processor

The Livart may not be as large as other indoor grills, but it’s packed with a lot of features and power.

The open cooking style makes it ideal for Yakitori cooking but it can do a lot more.

The well-placed water pan catches grease and in terms of style and function, the Livart is as good as they come and it’s easy to clean too. Finally, it has a cooking space of 100 sq. in. so you won’t be lacking in room here.

Phillips Daily Collection HRT7629/90 650 watt Mini Food Processor

The EB-CC15 sports an open style grill that is both easy to clean and use.

There is a temperature adjustment feature, and its ability to heat quickly is one of the reasons why it’s received some of the best indoor grill reviews yet.

The EB-CC15 is equipped with a 1300 watt heating element, and with a cooking surface measuring 12 x 9 inches, there’s plenty to like here.

Phillips Daily Collection HRT7629/90 650 watt Mini Food Processor

The Alfredo open face indoor grill comes with a detachable cooking surface and has the look of an authentic grill.

Contributing to the genuine grilling experience is the removable and adjustable thermostat, and its drainage is one of the best among indoor grills today.

Not only do you get delicious grilled food, but they’re healthier too. In addition, the grill comes with an aroma center so you can add seasoning as you cook.

Phillips Daily Collection HRT7629/90 650 watt Mini Food Processor

The Griddler is one of the best indoor grills for sale as its versatility allows you to grill everything from steaks to sandwiches to burgers and so on.

The cooking surfaces are reversible and makes steaks as easily as it does pancakes.

It also comes with a temperature control adjustment feature that lets you set different temperatures for each grill side.

Phillips Daily Collection HRT7629/90 650 watt Mini Food Processor

With 160 square inches of cooking area, the Krups has more than enough room for your grilling needs, and its floating hinge can adjust to the thickness of the food being grilled.

The Krups works great as a panini press, it’s just as effective for grilling. Not only is the Krups versatile, but it is also affordable and allows you to prepare a number of different meals.

Phillips Daily Collection HRT7629/90 650 watt Mini Food Processor

The Raclette is widely used in Switzerland for melting cheese, but the Swissmar is also capable of grilling different types of food thanks to a granite surface that’s been heated.

The Ratclette comes with a 1200 watt heating element, and while it requires a few minutes to heat up, it does an excellent job retaining heat.

Aside from grilling, the Swissmar is also ideal for preparing dinner and other meals.

Phillips Daily Collection HRT7629/90 650 watt Mini Food Processor

If you like to grill lots of food, the BGR820XL is for you. It has 370 square inches of grilling space and its construction is outstanding.

A versatile piece, the BGR820XL can be used as a panini press and has more than enough room for grilling steaks, burgers and hotdogs by the numbers.

If you’re the type who does frequent backyard grill dinners, check this out.

Phillips Daily Collection HRT7629/90 650 watt Mini Food Processor

The best indoor grill online doesn’t always have to be the one with the largest grilling space.

This Hamilton Beach grill only bas 60 sq. in. of grilling space, just right for one person or two.

Aside from being compact, the grill generates heat quickly and you can remove the cooking surfaces for easy cleaning. Since the cooking surfaces are dishwasher safe you don’t have to worry about damaging them.

Phillips Daily Collection HRT7629/90 650 watt Mini Food Processor

The George Foreman grills have always been known for their quality and the Evolve is right up there with the best.

The Evolve is rightfully considered one of the best indoor grill today as it combines ease of use with versatility.

Its cooking plates are replaceable and it has waffle iron plates, plus its grilling plates are nonstick. The basic grill works on its own but you can add accessories to further increase its functionality.

Types of Indoor Grills

Indoor grills may be categorized into three types: countertop, stovetop and indoor fireplace.

Countertop Grills

Countertop indoor grills are powered by electricity and don’t generate any smoke. The heating element is hidden but it still provides even distribution of heat on the grilling surface. The time it takes to heat up depends on the materials and size, but with the top indoor grill it won’t take long. The best countertop indoor grills are easy to use and clean, and they have nonstick cooking surfaces with plastic or aluminum exteriors.

Stovetop Grills

Also known as range top grills, stovetop indoor grills are placed over a gas or electric range burner, and a heat guard works as protection from drips and grease. While this is taking place, a stovetop grill heats up the grilling surface via the stovetop’s controls. There are different types of stovetop grills and some of them produce a lot of smoke, so have a fan nearby if that’s the case.

Indoor Fireplace Grills

An indoor fireplace grill works similar to setting a grate over an open fire. While this method has been used for a long time, it’s no longer as popular as it used to be with the rise of stovetop and countertop models. Today indoor fireplace grills are rarely used except by those who prefer traditional grilling methods.

Features to Look For

Whether you’re looking for the best budget indoor grill or the finest indoor grill money can buy, there are certain features you need to look for.

  • Grilling Capacity – the grilling surface is measured in square inches, and the numbers range from 60 square inches to about 140 square inches for single grilling surface models. Generally, grilling takes a bit longer on open face models, and most electric indoor dual surface grills range in size from 72 to 200 square inches. A 72 inch dual grilling surface can grill three food portions.
  • Materials – an indoor grill may be built from 100% metal, hard plastic, silicone or a combination of these parts. Make sure the indoor grill is made from high quality materials, in particular the legs and the frame as they’re the most vulnerable when used extensively. Handles made of silicone are ideal as they’re easy to clean up.
  • Heat Recovery – if you have a covered indoor grill, sometimes it may be necessary to open the lid every now and then to check if the food is ready. When you do that, some heat escapes, so it’s vital the grill is able to quickly recover the heat when you close the lid. If the grill has sufficient power to restore the heat to its original level, you’ll be able to cook faster.
  • Temperature Control – if you’re going to buy an electric indoor grill with a lid, it must have a built-in temperature gauge on the cover. The temperature gauge should notify you when it’s ready to grill, but if you have a contact type grill, it will instead have a light indicating the grill has reached the required temperature.
  • Nonstick and Non-scratch – countertop and cooktop indoor models have nonstick surfaces and non-scratch materials to simplifycleaning. However you should also look for indoor grills with cast aluminum or iron properties as they have superior heat transference and make the most ideal cooking surface. You may also want to look for porcelain coated aluminum grates as they’re able to withstand high heat without food burning.
  • Detachable Cooking Plates – if your grill comes with cooking plates, they must be removable so you can clean the grill without any difficulty. You can clean a grill with the cooking plates on but it’s going to take more time, and it’s more practical to just remove the plates and wash them by hand or via a dishwasher.
  • Adjustable Thermostat – an adjustable thermostat is necessary if you want consistent results in grilling. Sandwiches, hotdogs and steaks require different temperatures to grill properly, so you need an adjustable thermostat to make sure the heat level is correct.
  • High Temperature – it’s good to know you can grill safely at low temperatures, but if you want to get the most out of cooking, your indoor grill must be able to reach high temperatures, 600 F if possible.
  • Cord Length – you can only use an electric indoor grill as long as it’s connected to a power source, so make sure the power cord is long enough.
  • Floating Hinge – a floating hinge isn’t what we’d call a must, especially if your indoor grill is designed like a traditional grill. But if you’ve got a contact grill (where you press down to cook), a floating hinge is going to make certain food is grilled evenly on either side. A floating hinge is especially useful if you’re using a sandwich grill as it enhances the results.

There are a few more features you could look in the best countertop indoor grills such as an aroma center which lets you add spices and herbs. Some indoor grills also have large compartments for adding more flavor. Drip pans are standard of course, but the design and efficiency varies so look it over first.

Indicator lights are also necessary so you’ll know if the grill is ready, and nonskid feet is also ideal so the grill doesn’t move while you’re cooking. Having a nonskid indoor grill is especially important if the electric cord suddenly gets pulled one way. Last but not the least, some parts have to be removable for easy maintenance.


All indoor grills have the same function, but ask anyone who’s used one of these before and they’ll be the first to tell you the results are not the same and neither is quality.

The differences in quality means you could spend hours or days just trying to figure them out, but with our reviews of the best indoor grill, you now have your pick of the cream of the crop.

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